Community Conversations: Mentally Adjusting to the New Normal

Mentally Adjusting to the New Normal – How do we help our ourselves, our children, and grandchildren?

The mental health of every single one of us has been profoundly impacted by COVID. In a matter of days, we had to adjust to isolation, remote work, home schooling, closure of favorite activities, continuous handwashing, constant use of Clorox wipes and fear of being close to anyone outside our bubble. COVID did not come with an instruction manual. Now we are moving towards a new phase, and again we are faced with a lack of fundamental knowledge on the best path forward.
Schools have reopened or will shortly. Are we prepared? Join our distinguished panel to gain some insight.
How has COVID changed normal for us, our children/grandchildren, and our schools?
Is my child/grandchild ready to return to school? What are the signs of anxiety, stress or depression and how do I respond?
How do I cope with yet another change? After a year of extreme stress what steps can I take to feel strong enough (or together enough) for this next stage? Or, how do I help support those I love with this next step?
What can I do to help children that I’m close to prepare for a return to school?

Our Panel:
Dr. Michael Cooper; Board Certified Psychiatrist at Alameda Health Systems
Gigi R. Crowder; Executive Director of NAMI Contra Costa
Sam Scioscia; Counselor in the Contra Costa School District
Graham Wiseman, Contra Costa Mental Health Commission; Being Well CA; CEO & Co-Founder