When are grant requests due?

For a detailed timeline of the entire Impact100 East Bay grant cycle, please see the timeline on our Grant Application Page. 

How do your forms work (Letter of Intent & Grant application)?

The forms will be posted on the website.  The Non-Profits will download it, fill it out, save it offline and send via email to grants@impact100eastbay.  We prefer all applications be in one file, with each attachment labeled, (i.e. LOI from XXX, 990 from XXX.)  Any readable document is acceptable, including PDF and Word. Be sure to save your documents and your emails to us. 

You may also print and send forms via the US Postal Service to:

Impact 100 East Bay 

PO Box 2889

Castro Valley, CA 94546 

What are some of the reasons applications are rejected?
  • More than one application came from an organization. 
  • Service is redundant because it is offered by other agencies. 
  • Program proposed or agency is not viable or transformational. 
  • It is not our intention to try to replicate services that are provided by the government such as, Food Stamps, WIC, and Medicaid.
  • You should tell us the primary focus area. 
  • Organizations may submit only one application. 
Do you rotate grants awarded by focus area? Our organization has more than one focus area. Should I list all that apply? Can our organization submit grant applications in multiple focus areas?

We award our grant/s to the strongest applicant/s regardless of focus area. 

Our organization’s administrative team is fully remote, and directly places staff at shelters, housing facilities, etc. across seven Bay Area Counties. We offer programs in Alameda, and our staff is based in Alameda, but our mailing address is based in San Rafael. Are we eligible to apply?

We make grants to organizations that are not headquartered in either Alameda or Contra Costa counties, providing they have a working office in our trade area, and their project serves people in that area.  

We are a small NP and very new, will we still be considered?

You may want to consider collaborating with another nonprofit that has a proven, financially stable track record

Do you fund a project like ADU’s/affordable housing for adults with developmental disabilities?

An ADU is considered a capital expenditure and would not be eligible under our guidelinesHowever, if your request was to fund wrap-around programs for clients, then that would be appropriate. 

Will Finalists be eligible for funding at a level lower than $100K?

Any nonprofit that reaches the finalist stage will also apply for the smaller community grant/s, if available.  The grant application has a section that addresses what your organization would do with a community grant. 


If we submit a proposal this year that is not funded, how soon can we resubmit the proposal?

You may apply again the following year. 

If we submit a proposal and are awarded a grant, how soon can we apply again?

When a nonprofit is awarded our largest grant, the organization must wait until the end of the grant cycle (2 years) before reapplying to Impact 100 East Bay for another grant.  The 2 year period for grant recipients to re-apply begins the year that the grant is awarded no matter if the grant money is distributed lump sum or via installment payments according to the terms of the grant agreement. 
(Example: Nonprofit X received grant in 2023.  Nonprofit X would be able to re-apply in 2026. Year 1 = 24, Year 2 = 25). 

Can we include our brochures, annual reports and videos about our organization?

Those materials will be more relevant at the site visit stage.

How does Impact 100 East Bay pay out the grant money?

Depending upon the awardee’s grant proposal, disbursement of funds shall be specifically established in the award contract and shall be consistent with the fiscal needs to foster the project’s successThis may result in lump-sum or installment payouts, determined on a case by case basisIt should be your plan to expend the funds within two years. However, there may be a change in circumstances that occurs after the grant has been partially funded that necessitates modifying grant payments.

What is the period of time the money must be spent?

The period of time the money must be spent correlates directly with the project’s intended implementation timeline (2 years). Our milestone payment policy requires that the recipient provide Impact 100 East Bay with regular interim reports detailing the progress of both the project and its budget while milestone payments are being received. Impact 100 East Bay does not have a maximum for when the money must be spent. However, our sister Impact 100 organizations have limited the duration to 2 years. 

What are the 2 counties from which Impact 100 East Bay will accept Proposals for Letters of Intent and Grant Applications?

Any community within the geographical boundaries of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, in the State of California. 

Does Impact 100 East Bay accept applications that are collaborative in nature between more than one nonprofit?

Yes. Collaborating proposals should meet the following criteria:
a) Two or more 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations;
b) Submit letters of support for the collaboration (Common Grant Application stage)
c) Engage one of the partners as a lead fiscal agent through which all Impact 100 East Bay business is conducted. 

d) Financial information is required from all collaborating partners, again as part of the Common Grant.

Do you fund fundraising events, such as our Children’s Showcases that are both giving children performance opportunities and raising funds for the training program?

Typically, we do not support fundraising projectsIn this instance we would need more information and encourage you to submit an LOI. 

Does the Impact100 East Bay website show the focus areas of past grant recipients?

We share grant recipients and their corresponding projects on our website.

Does Impact 100 East Bay fund indirect/overhead costs in the budget for this grant?

General operating expenses are ineligible for fundingHowever, if specific operating expenses, i.e. rent, utilities, office supplies, etc., will increase to support your project, then those are appropriate expenses to be included. 

Do you have opportunities for volunteers that can’t donate $1,000? 

Our current voting membership structure only allows women to join as a full member by donating $1,000.  We happily accept any volunteers, but voting membership requires the full donation of $1,000. 

We also welcome “Friends of Impact100 East Bay” and are thrilled when an individual or a foundation wants to help us with our annual expenses (which are held to a minimum since we are an “all volunteer board.”). Although grant review committees are reserved for Impact100 East Bay membership, we welcome volunteers on operating committees such as marketing, PR, web development, nonprofit outreach, and communication. 

How are grants that have faith focus received?

Impact 100 East Bay welcomes LOI’s that are programmatic, start-up, or technical assistance from valid 501(c)3 organizations. Our funding cannot be used to advance faith-based programs (e.g. build a chapel) but can be used by a faith-based organization to address social issues. 

Are grants always for the same amount?

Our grant amount fluctuates every year based on the number of members we have for that year. 

What grant focus area receives the most grant requests?

A recent Wall Street Journal article featured a chart that revealed 52% of nonprofits in the United States have a Health & Welfare concentration and 19% are focused on Education. It is predictable that we would see a clustering of applications in those same categories; however, we have had grant recipients in every focus area. 

Will more consideration be given to projects that affect more than one county?

Our members are advised to look at the impact of a request. That includes both breadth and depth. What resonates with the Grant Committee may change from year to year. We ask you to speak from the heart (and back it up with data) what the true impact will be to those you serve.  But the request must be confined to Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. 

If the most recent budget is not approved by an agency’s board by the grant deadline, can the “draft” be submitted?

Yes. For the LOI, Impact 100 East Bay is interested in your project budgetEven if it is not officially approved, the budget must still be realistic. Please note that the final question on the LOI asks you to confirm that your Executive Director and/or Board President are aware of the application. 

Does Impact100 fund only “new impacts” or would you consider supporting previously awarded impact areas (such as dental health/awareness)?

Impact 100 East Bay encourages all types of applications and if your program will change lives, we encourage you to submit it for consideration. Our committees have full control over who they choose as their finalist. 

Are committee chairs allowed/willing to meet with me to discuss prior year submissions(s) in an effort to improve upon our previous application?

Impact 100 East Bay prides itself on its ability to maintain a level playing field amongst all applicants. In addition, due to the ever-changing composition of membership and committee involvement, any advice given might actually be invalid and misleading into a next year. Therefore we do not offer feedback and just ask you to attend the information sessions that we offer and are open to everyone. 

Who can I contact for more information?

Any questions or comments regarding the grant application process are welcome. Please contact us at grants@impact100eastbay.org.

To whom should project partners address their letters of commitment? (Applicable for the Common Grant stage of the application process)