Become a Friend of Impact100 East Bay

We rely on Friends of Impact100 East Bay to help support our efforts – 100% of each $1000 membership donation is given to the grant recipients. Consider supporting us to be a part of this inspiring process. You can become a Friend of Impact100 East Bay by empowering our work through financial donations, in-kind donations, sponsorship of memberships, and volunteer opportunities. We are a volunteer-run organization, so we couldn’t do this without the generous support of contributors like you!

Sponsor a Member

Share the gift of membership with a friend, relative, or employee. Simply register her using our membership form, check the Sponsor Box, and enter your name as the sponsoring member. Or donate to our scholarship fund to help defray the costs of membership for a woman who might not otherwise be able to join.


There are many opportunities to volunteer and be a part of our impact. Members may choose to join or lead a committee, work an event, write for our publications, and more.

Financial Gifts

Financial gifts help cover overhead expenses related to running the organization. Many individuals and businesses choose to make in-kind gifts or donate professional services which allow us to keep our overhead expenses low. They can also be contributed to our scholarship fund which helps defray the costs of membership for women who might otherwise not be able to afford to join us.

Please note, non-membership financial donations do not provide contributors with voting rights.

Donations of in-kind gifts or professional services allow us to keep our overhead expenses low. We are eagerly accepting donations of copying and printing services, graphic design, marketing and public relations expertise, event hosting, catering, and many more. If you’d like to make an in-kind donation, please contact us at