When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen

This program is intended for women who understand and believe in the mission and model of Impact100 East Bay, but who initially may not be able to fund a Membership on her own. If you would like to apply for a scholarship or wish to support a member through scholarship, please review our program below and submit a scholarship application form.

The Deadline for Scholarship Application Submissions is December 1st for membership in the next Grant Year. For more information about the scholarship program contact membership@impact100eastbay.org.

Member Scholarship Program

Impact100 East Bay offers limited scholarships to women who are interested in joining but cannot make the financial commitment of $1,000. Our objective in providing scholarships is to tap women with talents and skills that could be useful within our chapter; broaden the diversity of our membership; and encourage younger women to develop their philanthropic practice. Scholarship candidates are women who have a passion for philanthropy, identify with our mission and can commit to becoming actively involved in our organization.

Things to know:

  • Our scholarship funds are donated, and do not come out of the membership funds. As a result, funds may not be available every year to grant scholarships.
  • A scholarship may be offered to both new and returning Impact100 East Bay members.
  • Scholarships cover a portion of the recipient’s annual membership contribution, not the full amount.
  • Scholarship recipients have all the full rights, privileges, and expectations of membership.

We currently offer two types of scholarships:

  • Member Match – This scholarship is available to all potential members or existing members. Approved candidates will receive $500 of the required membership contribution from Impact100 East Bay, and the recipient will contribute $500. The member is expected to make the full $1000 contribution the following year.
  • Young Philanthropist – This scholarship is available to young women age 18 – 39 and spans a three-year period. The Young Philanthropist contribution increases each year based on the following schedule:
    • Year-1. Member contribution = $350. Impact100 EB will contribute $650;
    • Year-2. Member contribution = $500. Impact100 EB will contribute $500;
    • Year-3. Member contribution = $650. Impact100 EB will contribute $350.
    • The member is expected to make the full $1000 membership contribution in Year 4 and beyond.

To apply, please print the application and email back to membership@impact100eastbay.org.