What are the different membership levels?

We have 3 levels of membership. The initial $1000 of your donation directly funds our grants. In order to enable our 100% volunteer organization recognize finalists who do not receive a grant and defray our operating expenses we have two additional levels of membership:
1) Member Changemaker ($1500 or more). Your donation of $1500 or more will help fund operational expenses and/or our Changemaker Grant.
2) Member Plus ($1100 – $1499) with the amount over $1000 to be used to offset general operating expenses.
3) Member ($1000) 100% of this donation will be applied to the enrollment grant year.

What time period does my Impact100 East Bay membership cover?

Membership in Impact100 East Bay is renewed annually. Our annual membership campaign runs from January 1 through December 31 of any given year. The donation you make will go towards the grant made in the following year. (e.g. membership donations received through December 31st of the current year will be awarded at the next year’s Fall Grant Celebration (usually September or October).

If you are a new member, we will allow you to join until July 1 of the current calendar year. This new member’s donation will be included in the current grant year and she will be able to vote.

Can I contribute through my donor advised fund (DAF)?

Yes, we welcome donations through donor-advised funds or sometimes called charitable giving accounts. Please use the “Donor Advised Fund” option as your payment method and we will email you receipt that may be submitted to your institution. If you have further questions, please contact us at membership@impact100eastbay.org.

Do you have any payment plans?

We realize that many members have never given a charitable gift of this size and that a $1,000 donation is not possible in one lump sum. Payment plans are available to help you manage your budgeting process. To arrange a payment plan, we ask for a $200 initial payment, then we can work with you to arrange the balance. We ask that members requesting a payment plan, contribute at the Member Plus level of at least $1100, where $100 goes to our operating fund. To discuss, please email membership@impact100eastbay.org.

Can I purchase multiple memberships and receive more votes?

Each member is limited to one vote. However, if you’d like to sponsor someone or donate to our scholarship fund through our ‘friends’ donation, you would be helping other women get involved in this wonderful organization.

Can I sponsor someone to become a member?

YES! Through Friends of Impact100 East Bay program you or your company can directly sponsor members. Click here for more information.

Can I make a donation without becoming a member?

We welcome any and all donations from individuals, businesses or foundations as “Friends of Impact100 East Bay”. These donations help our all-volunteer organization defray our annual expenses, such as web hosting fees, insurance and annual events. Click here for more information.

Is there a scholarship option for a woman that wants to become a member but would like some financial assistance for the first year or so?

Yes. Click here for more information and an online application form.