Pat Burgess & Melanie Bartoletti – The Dynamic Duo

Celebrating Impactful Contributions

Pat Burgess has an aptitude for communication and a knack for putting others at ease. These attributes make her a natural salesperson and have shaped her career decisions, leading her to advertising, then on to tech sales before helping to launch EXL Consulting, a successful IT business consulting firm. 

As a busy entrepreneur, she began dabbling in investment properties. That’s when she acknowledged a love for real estate, construction and design. Pat left the tech industry in 2007 and made the professional plunge into real estate.  Within the first year, she’d become one of the top performers in the industry and has never looked back.

In addition to her sales acumen, Pat has a passion for community service, fueled by a charitable nature and desire to give back. Her volunteer work has taken many forms, including serving as Chairman of the Board for the Danville Chamber of Commerce, starting “Divorce Angels” to help those going through divorce, and being actively involved in Danville-Sycamore Rotary. 

Pat, then Club president, met Melanie Bartoletti at a Rotary function when Melanie spoke to the group about the SonRise Equestrian Foundation, an organization she founded in 2005 that offers therapeutic riding opportunities to special needs children. The two women quickly bonded over their shared commitment to make positive changes in the lives of underserved people. 

Pat and Melanie exemplify generosity and compassion. Both are active members of Impact100 East Bay. Pat has the distinction of being one of its founding members. While philanthropy initially established their common ground, Melanie later developed an interest in real estate and sought out Pat for guidance. One thing led to another and as Pat put it, “When Melanie got her license, my husband Paul and I were thrilled to have her join our team.  Melanie is wonderful to work with.  We both have the same passion to help people and to give back to our community.”

Golden Coupon Program

That passion gave birth to the Burgess Team’s recent innovative referral program, coined Golden Coupons. The coupons are available to all Impact100 East Bay members and can be obtained through Pat: or Melanie: directly or by opening the attachment at the end of this feature. Here’s how the program works: If you know of someone who is interested in selling property locally, give them a coupon to refer them to the Burgess Team. If the transaction results in a closed escrow, the Burgess Team acknowledges the referral by donating $1000 to Impact100 East Bay.  

Propelled by its pursuit of business excellence and a commitment to social responsibility, the Burgess Team donated over $21,000 in 2023 through the Golden Coupon program. “We believe in the transformative power of real estate not only in facilitating transactions but also in its potential to enrich communities,” remarked Pat, the visionary leader behind her team. “Our referral program not only incentivizes others to recommend our services, but also allows us to channel resources toward impactful programs that matter to our clients and communities.”

This innovative referral incentive distinguishes the Burgess Team as a conduit for hope and positive change. Understandably, the Wall Street Journal ranks the Burgess Team in the top 1% of Realtors both locally and nationwide. Its operating principles validate the impact that businesses can make in shaping a brighter more equitable future for all. 

Pat Burgess: A Journey of Service, Leadership, and Resilience

Hailing from the East Coast, Pat Burgess brings a wealth of diverse experiences and a heart for service to our community. After obtaining her degree in English literature from Boston College, Pat embarked on a dynamic career journey that led her through various industries, including advertising, tech sales, and ultimately, real estate.

Throughout her professional journey, Pat’s dedication to helping others realize their dreams has been a driving force. Her transition from IT sales to real estate was fueled by a desire to make a more meaningful impact in people’s lives, a sentiment echoed in her extensive volunteer work.

From volunteering in her children’s classrooms to her leadership roles in organizations like the Danville-Sycamore Rotary Club and the Danville Chamber of Commerce, Pat has consistently demonstrated her commitment to serving others. Her founding of “Divorce Angels” reflects her passion for supporting individuals facing challenging life transitions, providing invaluable resources and support to those in need.

As a co-founder of Impact 100 East Bay, Pat’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in uniting women across Alameda and Contra Costa counties through collective philanthropy. 

Despite facing challenges, such as navigating the complexities of COVID-19 as the Chairman of the Board for the Danville Chamber of Commerce, Pat’s resilience and strong leadership skills have been a driving force for positive change. Her ability to overcome obstacles and steer organizations towards success is a testament to her unwavering commitment to community service. When not working or volunteering, you can find Pat out on the golf course.

Melanie Bartoletti: A Champion of Change and Compassion

Melanie Bartoletti lives life in a way that epitomizes the transformative force of resilience and empathy. Starting her professional career as a court reporter, Melanie faced challenges due to repetitive stress, leading her to retire and pursue further education in Christian leadership. Since then, she has leaned into her unwavering commitment to give back.

Melanie’s passion for animals and therapeutic activities led her to found the SonRise Equestrian Foundation in 2005. Guided by Christian-based values, the foundation has positively impacted the lives of countless children with special needs through therapeutic horse and ranch activities. Her dedication to community service has earned her prestigious awards, including Diablo Magazine’s Threads of Hope Award and the Jefferson Award. Moreover, Melanie’s remarkable accomplishments in real estate and philanthropy were recognized earlier this year when she received the esteemed Ruby Award, presented by Soroptimist International.

Melanie brings her philanthropic spirit to Gianni’s Italian Bistro in San Ramon, a family-owned restaurant that she helps run with her husband Gianni Bartoletti.  In 2012, Melanie developed a novel fundraising idea that involved opening the restaurant on a Monday, staffing it with volunteer wait staff and distributing the evening’s tips to benefit SonRise Equestrian Foundation. Remarkably, they raised $4,000 that first night while having a lot of fun. 

Building on that evening’s success, Gianni’s has since expanded the reach of this fundraiser. Now known as “Tips for Change”, Gianni’s hosts a different local nonprofit nearly every Monday night with the organization’s members taking orders and serving food after receiving an hour of training. What ensues is something Melanie affectionately describes as “organized mayhem.”  Noting that volunteer workers can naturally be a little nervous about being first-time waitresses and waiters, Melanie has witnessed a secondary benefit of these events: team building. At the end of the evening, the participating nonprofit receives all tips plus 10% of the restaurant’s proceeds from dinners served. 

There’s little wonder why “Tips for Change” has become so popular among participating nonprofits, their volunteers, and diners. Since its inception, this unique fundraiser has raised over a million dollars for deserving local charities. Aptly summing it up, Pat Burgess, stated, “Through Melanie’s genius, she has greatly impacted our community. She’s a superstar.”   

Melanie’s commitment to excellence and community engagement shines through her various endeavors, exemplifying her multifaceted contributions to our community. When she’s not busy with real estate and philanthropy, Melanie finds solace at her ranch in the Camino Tassajara Valley where she shares her life with her husband, three horses, and five dogs. Her love of the outdoors and deep friendships embody her commitment to living intentionally and making a difference.