2022 Board of Directors

The Board will largely remain the same as in 2021.   The key transitions necessary to support the co-share of the President’s role were highlighted earlier in the President’s Message.   Here is the full list of 2022 Board positions and the members filling them. 


President Carol Nitz & Stephanie Shaw (job share)

Vice-President Wende Amerie

Secretary Sylvia Inchausti

Treasurer Debbie Vargas

Co-Treasurer Jialin Hu

Governance Claudia Polidori

Membership Co-Chair Stephanie Shaw

Membership Co-Chair Stacey Stevens*

Grants Co-Chair Denise Coyne

Grants Co-Chair Jane Durkin

Big 3 Events Co-Chair Connie Driscoll

Big 3 Events Co-Chair Pat Adams

Marketing & Communications Co-Chair Alexis Bonn

Marketing & Communications Co-Chair Angel Moore


After serving one year as President Emeritus on the Board, Nancy Clark will transition from the active Board in 2022.  She will serve in perpetuity as our Founder and President Emeritus.


*Stacey Stevens will also assume responsibility for coordinating the chapter’s technical components, which have been managed to date across a number of Board positions.  As part of 2023 planning the Board will determine if the accountabilities warrant a separate Board position.