Membership News July 2022

Calling all Members!

Our membership committee is hard at work, creating opportunities for us to reconnect.  Here’s what we’re up to!

  • If you are a new member or have signed up to volunteer, you’ll soon be receiving a call from someone on our outreach committee. We want your input regarding ways to make new connections between our members happen. We are also open to your suggestions on ways of interfacing with our chapter and the larger Impact100 organization.

  • In addition, we are asking all members to help us ‘connect with each other’ by completing a ‘Member Highlight’ form, which is a short list of questions that can be completed by phone – or if you prefer, it can be sent to you. The information you provide will help us learn more about each other!  If you’re interested – please send an email to and we’ll follow-up with you.

  • Know of someone you’d like to introduce to Impact100 East Bay?  Keep in mind that a limited number of scholarships are available to prospective members — thanks to some very generous member donations. Click on the following link for more information. Member Scholarships – Impact100 East Bay

We look forward to seeing you all at our August and September Big events! Until then, have a wonderful summer.