2022 Grant Finalists

We are excited to name our 2022 finalists:  

  • Community Resources for Science (crscience.org/) – Their grant request is to fund the Amazing Math & Science Explorations (AMASE) works with K – 5 Educators in Alameda and West CC Counties to develop grade appropriate math & Science Curriculum working with experts from UC Berkeley, Lawrence hall of science, etc.  They are building on a similar, successful program targeting Language Arts. 
  • Dentists on Wheels (www.dentistsonwheels.org)- in Pittsburg – DOW was a finalist from 2021.  They requested funding to provide an additional day of free dental clinic operation in east Contra Costa. 
  • Meals on Wheels Diablo (www.mowdiabloregion.org/) – They requested a grant to fund a year of “Breakfast Bags” for highly vulnerable seniors in east Contra Costa County.  This is a pilot program, which augments their standard dinner meals with additional food to sustain them for an entire day. 

From July 10 to September 9, the Grant Committee worked with the finalists to help prepare their executive summaries and videos.  We have also compiled a donation wish list from each grant applicant so that Impact100 members, who so desire, can provide direct assistance.     

Please join us via Zoom on Tuesday September 13, 2022 from 5:30 – 7:00 to hear their presentations. Voting will open following the presentation. The winners will be announced at our Grant Celebration scheduled for Saturday 9/24/22.

Finalists were chosen by unanimous agreement. Thanks to everyone who attended the site visits and shared their thoughts on the grant requests.  

Below is the list of other organizations that were chosen to submit more-detailed grants;  the first two were selected for site visits.  All of these organizations need funding to support their deserving programs:

  • New Door Ventures (HERE) – Site Visit Lead: Kristin Ashurst.   Help Transition Age Youth get their High School Equivalency Certificate, train in job seeking skills, and find career opportunities.
  • Trinity Center (HERE) – Site Visit Lead: Bert Gambill.   Assist homeless youth to find jobs and housing.
  • Building Futures (HERE):  Build communities where families have homes and are safe from domestic violence.
  • Davis Street (HERE):  Improve the quality of life for low-income residents by providing access to medical care, child care, clothing, house, and other community programs that help our clients help themselves.
  • Front Porch (HERE): Help Seniors end loneliness by expanding their 1:1 visitation program.
  • Mindful Life (HERE):  Provide social/emotional learning in low-income schools to help overcome trauma found in improvised neighborhoods.
  • Side by Side (HERE): program in Hayward provides supported housing and wrap around services for transition-aged foster youth ages 18-24.
  • Sunflower Hill (HERE):  Affordable housing and programs for adults with disabilities.

There still is much work to be done.  If anyone would like to volunteer for this rewarding and fun work, please contact Jane Durkin at durkinjane1@gmail.com or Denise Coyne at decocvx@gmail.com.