Impact100 East Bay Donates $2k to 8 Nonprofits

We are thrilled to have awarded 3 grants this year totaling $160,000. However, there are still so many unmet needs in local communities. 


Because of one member’s generosity, we were able to donate to all the nonprofit organizations that submitted 2022 grant applications. By allocating $2,000 of her donation (plus $40 from our general funds), the following contributions were made, based on our 2023 members’ selections.


Non-Profit OrganizationDonation
Building Futures$120
Davis Street$360
Front Porch$360
Mindful Life $120
New Door Ventures  $360
Side by Side:  $120
Sunflower Hill $120
Trinity Center:   $480
Grand Total    $2,040


After notifying each nonprofit, here are a few examples of the feedback we received.

“Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of this process. We are so grateful for your support and dedication to our communities. And congratulations to the grantees! Such wonderful organizations”

“Congratulations to the awesome grant recipients.  We are thrilled to see these wonderful programs funded and it’s exciting to think of all the lives that will be touched and improved.  Thank you Impact100 for your generosity, partnership, and support.”


Our members’ philanthropic intentions and generosity continues to make a difference in our local communities!